"Thank you for your wonderful performance, charming personalities and welcoming spirits! I was so happy to hear you play today at Chapter's Crowfoot and to see you perform in person. Your energy is infectious and your love of music and your musical talents shine through. Your CD provided musical accompaniment on my way home from the event and has been playing in my house ever since! My walks with the dog will be in tune to the sounds of Hazel Grey once I have downloaded your CD on my ipod. Can't wait for someone to ask me who I am listening to, so I can share your music with them!"

Lana Shupe,
Crowfoot Chapters Bookstore,


Hazel Grey: The Band

Peter Justine:
Vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, mandolin, percussion*

Josanna Justine:
Vocals, tinwhistles, accordion, flute, harp, mandolin, piano, synth, percussion*

*Percussion may include: cajon, djembe, doumbek, khartals, singing bowls, bodhran, various other frame drums and hand drums, shakers and noise makers...

Hazel Grey: The Story

Our story begins with two young friends who found they had many things in common - a love for good literature, strong coffee and fine wine; a hunger for adventure, a thirst for truth, and an insatiable desire to create and perform music.

Their journeys have led them to a variety of venues over the years, spending countless hours in deep conversation as they peered out over the steering wheel into the dark highways as they traveled throughout much of the US and western Canada, performing in pubs and coffee shops, universities, social club functions, churches, weddings and funerals, childrens and seniors shows, house concerts and festivals...

Today they, with their three children, reside in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Much of the adventure includes struggling to get the kids to school on time, keeping up on the laundry and dishes... all of those moments of life we have in common... Yet somewhere through it all, they still find the time to create and write, to learn new instruments and to continue in their passion of recording and performing together.